I know that all my few followers in this blog, might be right now far far away from here, but anyway, im trying to return from the death, no for real, I´ve been working and travelin around da world and now i´ve found a new headquarters here in Valencia Spain.

So hopefully I´ll be over here again with the important things, WWWWHHHHAA´s that??? new hot fresh and creamy and steamy tunes.

I was totally isolated from the world and hide very deep in the underground BUT!! im bleedin back dudes.

with all this time everything looks completely different and more without Megaupload around, this SOPA stuff came here just to break our balls but, as you dudes know, many different ways to share music its just around the corner.

But in this first post of the resurrection I´m gonna just share a great track from a mexican fella, that has been playin in my lindo Mexico with Sicario music and im very please to met this dude when he was just startin, without more bullshite, I would like to introduce

  Will Be by Bufi

Who am I Bitch???

The most Recent mixtape of DrM$MKR.

Enjoy it.

Latin America through the eyes of Riva starr!!

  SNATCH! 016 RIVA STARR EP by SnatchRecords 

Homework is back!!

  MTP041 Homework - Rally Racquet Club EP by Made to Play 

Raised by artists

Nicholas Jaar, is a normal 21 years old student dude, except by his leisure time, his hobby is produce good quality music, manage his own label and travel around the world for playing in the most important club in the dance scene.

Nicholas born in NY but grown up in Chile, in a family of talented parent, listening all kind of music, and this was the greatest thing for him, at his 17 he start in the production, releasing his first album in the wolf + lamb label, and playing in Berlin, Colorado and Mexico´s Mutek Festival, for name a few.

We gonna let you his newest material titled "Space is only noise" and can´t be more fascinated with, We dont have much time for make a big review, but trust in us and listen this excellent album.

Also is important to say, that this 21 years old dude, make music like a 40 years old experience dude, it´s fucking incredible. 

Nicholas jas, es un estudiante de 21 años como cualquier otro, excepto por su tiempo libre, su hobbie es producir musica  de alta calidad, manejar su propia disquera y viajr alrededor del mundo para tocar en los los mas importantes clubs de la escena Dance.

Nicholas nacio en NY, pero se crio en Chile, en una familia de padres artistas, escuchando todo tipo de muscia, y fue esto lo mejor que le pudo haber pasado, a sus 17 comenzo en la produccion, sacando su primer material en wolf + lamb, y tocando en Berlin, Colorado y el Mutek de Mexico, por nombrar algunos.

Les vamos a dejar el mas nuevo material titulado "space is only noise" y no podemos estar mas facinados con el, No tenemos mucho tiempo para hacer una gran reseña, pero confien en nosotros y escuchen este excelente album.

Y lo mas importante es mencionar, que este vato de 21 años produce como si tuviera 40 años en el medio y con un chingo de experiencia, esta con madres.

pa' brincotear un rato !

esta vez no esta de mas dejar esta compilación de la cual Paul van Dyk es presentador, unos buenos beats para escoger este fin d semana q se aproxima ... en especial el sencillo Trash de Heatbeat que ha sido todo un éxito... pronto les traeremos la 3ra parte que acaba d salir siempre y cuando tenga buen material musical como es costumbre en este espacio...


j & b



We bloody know, that this LPs isn´t nu, we also know that isn´t quite danceable, and of curse we know that u gonna love it.

"Phantogram" is one of our Favourites band of 2010, and we are sure about they will still rocking every were. There is not to much history in the background, one dude and one babe of Saratoga Spring, NY, who still having a part jobs as a waiters, but we don´t care about this!!

The relevant to us is their LP titled "Eyelid Movies" a rare fusion between synth-sounds, rock, trip-hop, experimental, but better as know as "Street Beat". We always said that it is impossible try to put a band in one specific genre, and also we love the quotation "Genres are for Journalist".

But for give you a little preview, we can describe it as the son of a crazy orgy between Massive attack, The XX, The Crystal Castles, Yeah yeah yeahs and Portishead, and please don´t ask for more, just download the LP and play it high!! 

Sabemos que este LP no es nuevo, tambien sabemos que nos es muy bailable, y por supuesto sabemos que lo amaras.

"Phantogram" es una de nuestras bandas favoritas del 2010, y estamos seguros de que seguiran pegando duro por todos lados. No hay mucha historia en su pasado, un simple vatillo y una reinita de Saratoga Springs, NY, que siguen trabajando medio tiempo como  meseros, pero en realidad eso es lo que mas nos vale madres.

Lo relevante para nosotros es su LP titulado "Eyelid Movies" una rara fusion entre sonidos sinteticos, rock, trip-hop, experimental, mejor conocido como "streat beat". Siempre hemos dicho que es imposible catalogar a las bandas en un solo genero, y de hecho amamos la frase "Los generos son para los escritores".

Pero para darte un pequeño adelanto, podemos describirlo como el hijo de una loca orgia entre Massive attack, The XX, The Crystal Castles, Los YYYs y Portishead, y por favor no pidas mas explicaciones, solo decargatelo y dale play con madres!!!

We love it too.

Zdar and Boom Bass A.K.A. Cassius, now are part of the hype roster of Ed Banger, and this month they released  their new EP ingeniously titled "I <3 U SO" and as always we gonna hook some link for you to enjoy.

Part of the EP include remixes of Skream and Bowski, plus an extra track called "Les enfants" and remixed by Gassafeltein, and also I attach and extra remix of "I <3 U SO" made by JFK from MSTKRFT, and personally it´s what I like most.

Take a look on the video and if you like it and if you want the same mouths in your iPhone we also let you the direct link for download de I <3 U SO apps!!

Zdar and Boom Bas mejor conocidos como Cassius, ahora son parte de Ed Banger, y este mes han lanzado su EP ingeniosamente titulado "I <3 U SO" y como siempre les vamos a colgar unos links pa que lo disfruten.

El Ep incluye remixes de Skream y Bowski, mas un track extra titulado "Les enfants" y remixiado por Gassafeltein, y tambien les adjuntamos el remix de JFK de MSTRKRF a "I <3 U SO" que personalmente es el que me gusta mas.

Chequen el video y si les gusta y quieren las mismas bocas en su iPhone, aqui les dejamos el link directo para que se descarguen la "I <3 U SO" apps.

DrM$MKR mixtapes

In between of our holidays, Le night Dj´s never stops, and they was playing in a lot of parties in Mexico and Ireland, parties like "Le night sessions", a party with all the crew of Le night Dj´s and Xiuhtek Labs, also mixing in Radio programs for Mexico, France and Ireland.

Two mixtapes were recorded and released for the followers of DrM$MKR in Soundcloud, if you aren´t a follower yet, you might  has been missing some info about the Head-Dj of Le night.

Anyway, we gonna bang this two mixtapes for you to dance.

So kidz, enjoy your weekend!!

En medio de nuestras vacaciones, los Dj´s de Lenight no han parado en absoluto,  han estado mixeando en fiestas por todos lados inclusive en otros continentes, una de sus principales paris fue la de "Le night sessions" donde se reunieron todos los Dj´s de Le night + Xiuhtek Labs, pero ademas han estado metidos en programas de radio escuchados en Mexico, Francia e Irlanda.

Dos mixtapes Fueron grabados y lanzados para los seguidores de el Soundcloud del DrM$MKR, y si aun no eres seguidor, te estas perdiendo de algunos datos de el Dj principal de Le night.

Asi que aca les colgamos estos 2 mixtapes pa que le zapatellen.

Asi que vatillos, disfruten su fin de semana!!

DrM$MKR - January 11 Tracklist
1.-Filtertypen - After laughter
2.-Round Table Knights - Say What (feat. Ogris Debris)(Extended Mix)
3.-David August - Hamburg Is For Lovers
4.-Tube & berger - Free Tribe
5.-Zombie Disco Squad - Hobo
6.-Matanza - Amerdino
7.-Underworld - Always Loved a Film (Solo remix)
8.-Tomcraft - Room 414 (Can´t get away) (tube and berger rmx)
9.-Julien Chaptal - I Dont Care About Pumping (vs The Roots)(Aimees Bday edit by Dilby)
10.-David Herrero - Spanish Lick
11.-Crookers & Roisin Murphy - Royal T (Riva Starr Remix)
12.-Nightriders - Hey (Nom De Strip Remix)
13.-The Phantom's Revenge - Mr. Fahrenheit
14.-Autobot - Que Pasa
15.-Kry wolf - Dibby Dibby Sound
16.-Noob & Brodinski - Peanuts Club (BeatauCue Remix)
17.-Brodinski - Extreme Compote (with noob, harvard bass)
18.-BeatauCue - Disque Oh!!
19.-Samuel L Jackson - Ezekiel 2517

Oldies but goodies!!

Unfortunately, Le night crew lost a lot of time since the latest post, but you can read now, and we are working a bit harder again, and also we need to talk about the past too, it´s the main reason, why we are bringing back a post about Human Life.

In this amazing synth-pop trio from L.A. are composed  by Matt Wasley, Rachael Starr & Joshua Collins, their music is a fusion between a sparking synth-pop and some house beats and old funk samples with a cute voice and  all the perfect feeling for the dancefloor, although for strolling with your iPod.

We really like this band, but our brother from Dulce Fetiche´s Blog  love it, so we are proud to bring some tunes for the followers of Le night blog, we hope everybody enjoy it and dance it over and over!!!

Desafortunadamente, el equipo de Le night se tomo unas largas vacaciones, pero como pueden leer, desde esta semana estamos posteando de nuevo pa la banda, y como dejamos un gran espacio tambien queremos postearles algo que debimos haber hecho antes y por eso ahora es el turno de Human Life.

Esta banda synth popera de L.A. formada por Matt Wasley, Rachael Starr & Joshua Collins, su musica es una fusion peculiar de synth pop sodico, beats houseros y sampleos funk, aderezada con una voz muito sweet, todo cordinadamente al pedo para el dancefloor o nomas pa pendejear en la ciuda con el iPol en mano.

La netas nos late un madral, pero a nuestro bro de Dulce Fetiche´s Blog le re-late, y estamos orgullosos de traerles unas cuantas rolillas a todos los seguidores del Le night blog, disfrutenlas y nos andamos topando!!!

Dj Kicks Review

Sophistication plus the finest and fancies beats, it´s available now in a Vinyl format.

Dj kicks, bring us again a great compilation of beats recorded by 4 good tasted Djs. In one side we have "Wolf + Lamb" and beside in the decks C + D are "Soul Clap"; This lads will take you around  to some glamourous lounge in Tokyo with their stunning selection of tracks.

We are sure that you will listening over and over again this great House CD, and definitely will be an important part in your collection, we are speechless with this compilation and we bring a couple of tracks for you.

The Compilation was released day ago, in March 15th.

Sofisticacion  mas finos y cremosos beats, ya estan disponibles en Vinyl.

Dj Kicks nos traen de nuevo una grandiosa compilacion de beats grabada por 4 diuds con estupendo gusto. De un lado tenemos a "Wolf and Lamb" y justo a lados en los decks C y D esta "Soul Clap"; Estos vatos te transportaran a un lounge mamonamente glamuroso en Tokyo con su cabrona seleccion de  tracks.

Estamos seguros de que escucharas una y otra vez este increible CD housero, y definitivamente lo haras parte importante de tu coleccion, nos ha echado pa tras esta compilacion y por eso les traemos unos cuantos tracks.

La compilacion salio en 15 de Marzo, apenas hace algunos dias.

 01. Greg Paulus - My Man's Gone Now (Intro)

 02. Greg Paulus - Yellow Sky
 03. Tanner Ross - Goodbye, Summer
 04. Deniz Kurtel & Wolf + Lamb - Love Triangle (Interlude)
 05. Double Hill - Everytime I Go
 06. Charles Levine, Deniz Kurtel & Gadi Mizrahi - Stay Home
 07. Michael J. Collins - You Lose (Interlude)
 08. Greg Paulus - Suchashame (Soul Clap Remix)
 09. Deniz Kurtel & Gadi Mizrahi feat. Camburn - Crank It Up
 10. Eli Gold - Throw That (Interlude)
 14. H-Foundation feat. Aion - Tonight (Wolf + Lamb Remix)
 15. Eli Gold - Slow Down (Interlude)
 16. Nicolas Jaar - Don't Believe The Hype
 17. SECT feat. Ben Westbeech - In The Park
 18. Slow Hands - Rough Patch
 20. No Regular Play - Takin' U Back
 21. DJ Harvey Presents Locussolus - Next To You (Soul Clap Remix)
 22. Wolf + Lamb feat. Smirk - Therapist
 23. Zev feat. Greg Paulus - We All
 24. Seuil & Le Loup - Nautil Us
 25. Gadi Mizrahi - I'll Set Your House
 26. Benoit & Sergio - Walk And Talk
 27. Voices Of Black - Fridays With Her

Beacuse we are your friends!!

First and suddenly, the picture above appear in his myspace in advance that something will happen soon, after justice close his set in Paris with their new track "Civilization", and now, everybody is waiting for the release of their most recent LP, after 4 year, Justice is back, and they starting with a great promotion for Adidas brand, in collaboration with Romain Gavras, who filmed the "Across the universe" cut for Justice before, and we can only say, that now Nike and Adidas are making a great and wise inversions in their adverts, and we love it, just watch this nu.

Primero y repentinamente, la foto de arriba aparecio en el myspace de justice como adelanto de que algo pasaria pronto, despues Justice cierra su set en Paris con su nuevo track "Civilization", y ahora, todo mundo esta esperando por el lanzamiento del que sera su nuevo LP, despues de 4 años, Justice esta de regreso, y han empezado una gran promocion para la marca Adidas, en colaboracion con Romain Gavras, quien filmara su corto "Across the universe", y lo unico que podemos decir, es que Nike y Adidas estan haciendo grandes e inteligentes inverciones en sus comerciales, y nos agrada, no mas hechenle un ojo a este.

Yesterday they were drunk

And today they bring us a new bomb!!

One more time Noze was working with riva starr, and you might guest about the quality of this new track, the name is "Dring Dring" and if you was missing the balkanic house, the waiting it´s over, this tune will take you directly to Ukraine or some place around, and be aware because this will be play in all the dancefloors around the world.

We love it, and soon we will share with you, but know you can listening here in Le night blog, this track was released a few hours ago, so enjoy and dance dance dance

Y ahora nos traen una nueva bomba!!

Una vez mas Noze se mete al estudio junto con Riva starr, y ya se imaginaran la calidad de este nuevo track, de nombre "Dring Dring", y si ya extrañaban el Balkanic house, no mas, este track los volara directo a Ucrania o muy cerca de, y esten pendiente por que este track esta listo pa destrozar los Dancefloors en todos lados.

La amamos, y pronto la compartiremos con ustedes, pero por lo pronto la pueden escuchar en exclusiva en nuestro Le night blog, el track fue lanzado hace algunas horas, asi que a bailarle y zapatearle.

Incredible combination

This time I´ll left you a quick post about this new stunning collaboration between four tet, Burial and Tom Yorke, and I know there´s nothing more to say, so you must to hear this amazing EP with 2 amazing track: A1.- Ego and B1.- Mirror.


Esta vez les dejo un rapido pero estupendo post, de la nueva colaboracion entre Four Tet, Burial y Tom York, Y con esto no hay mas que decir, solo que necesitan escuchar este increible EP con dos tracks en el lado A.- Ego y en el lado B.- Mirror.


Re-listening the mouse

There´s to much time since the last, but we´ll try to do it often hereinafter, this time we want to share a CD, a bit old, but we have been re-listening.

It´s the Deadmau5´s latest work titled "4X4=12", and isn´t really a nu-material, because every one have been listening since may from last year, the releases so far are "Some chords" released in may 3, 2010, "Animal rights" released in September 6, 2010 and with the collaboration of Wolfgang Gartner, "Sofi needs a ladder" feat Sofi and released in October 31, 2010, followed by a massive remix of Dj Mr white, And the latest release "Raise your weapon" in the 2011.

This CD was released in December 2010 with a lot of genres, including Trance, House, Tech house and even Dubstep, it´s quite interesting but in our opinion isn´t the best of the mouse, anyway, download the free album and judge it for yourself.

Ya hace un buen sin postear, pero de nuevo de aca en adelante postearemos mas, esta vez les queremos compartir un CD, un poco viejo, pero que estamos re-escuchando ultimamente

Es el ultimo trabajo de Deadmau5 titulado 4X4=12, que si bien no es tan nuevo, debido a que todos lo hemos venido escuchando desde mayo del año pasado con track como "some chords", "animal rights" con la colaboracion de Wolfgang Gartner, "Sofi needs a ladder" y el ultimo lanzamiento titulado "Raise your weapon" en el 2011

El CD salio a la venta en Diciembre del 2010 con una mezcla de generos desde Trance, House, Tech house, y hasta Dubstep, Es un album bastante interesante, pero no el mejor de el mau5 para nosotros, pero como sea, decarguenselo y juzgenlo ustedes mismos.

Download here, Descarga aqui: